Income Protection Tips for the Self Employed…

I think one thing we can all agree on is that nothing is assured to any of us. Over the past year, just like that, the economy changed, people who’d worked for companies for years were being made redundant and anyone working in retail or catering was left in a financial chaos… On top ofContinue reading “Income Protection Tips for the Self Employed…”

Home Brew, Hops and my Easter…

We were spoilt last week with sunshine and a summer heat. It was just gorgeous, I had to sunbathe, some Vitamin D was really needed. I’ve been reading a lot about vitamin D recently, aka the ‘sunshine vitamin’. There really are a lot of benefits to the stuff so I decided to buy some. IContinue reading “Home Brew, Hops and my Easter…”

How I style my vintage looks

I’ve had the most wonderful Easter off and I am feeling recharged and ready to go. I thought I’d do a vintage style photo shoot and talk about how I style my looks. I’ve always been a lover of vintage clothes. If you’re new here you wont know that, but I hunt down vintage styleContinue reading “How I style my vintage looks”

Beret Good and my new Jumpsuit

Sometimes you just need some new clothes to put a smile back on your face. You know how much I love my vintage style clothing, so I decided to treat myself… I got some makeup from Revolution. I got a lipstick from the Soph x range, in the shade Cake. It goes on like aContinue reading “Beret Good and my new Jumpsuit”


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