My Background: A little bit about me…

I’ve always seen myself as a bit of a rebel with a little dash of genius. Big headed? Slightly. I don’t always do the right thing, but that’s because I think outside of the box.

Sometimes I’m a bit abstract and I don’t see the box. I often get into trouble at work, without even trying. I also seem to really annoy some people and gain a strong following with others. I’ve never been promoted at work and I job hop a lot…

Sometimes I find myself in absurd situations, I guess I’m kind of quirky, maybe I go out looking for trouble, who knows?

Anyway, after leaving yet another job, and turning 30 this year I decided to reevaluate my life and situation.

It was quite scary at first, like looking into the abyss, and it looked back at me. For a while I moped, then I died my hair a different colour.

Nothing says I’m about to change like dying my hair peroxide blonde. Then I passed through the eye of the storm, which actually was my 30th birthday.

I booked this little expensive cottage in the middle of nowhere with this fancy copper free standing bath and sauna and a huge storm came along.

It was the middle of February and I was stuck inside a tiny cottage. I couldn’t even open the window to have a cigarette without a gust of wind slamming the window shut and a bucket of rain water gushing onto the floor.

I took it as a sign and stopped smoking. Sort of…
I still smoke when I’m drunk.

I get accused of living in my head too much but I just like to think. People I don’t like often tell me I’m quiet. I’m not, in fact the odder the situation is the more I seem to come to life.

I dream big and I love being self employed. That’s what inspired me to do this and start my blog.

I never really seemed to fit in any role I’d take on or anywhere.

There’s always someone that becomes my arch nemesis at work. (I’m not sure if I’m the protagonist) but I despise being told what to do, in fact I’ll probably do the exact opposite just to piss someone off.

I take on this adorable persona of confused moron or I do things in slow motion when I can sense people are impatient.

Some people get me. Lot’s of people don’t. I get accused of being a snob. I’m not, I actually live on the bread line and I have a big heart. I have a tattoo of a heart on my finger because I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I’m an Aquarius.

I moved to England when I was young from Holland, The Hauge, after my parents had a nasty split.

My father stayed in Holland and I came to the North of England. I have stayed here since in a town called Newcastle.

Now other than my first impressions of this sunny paradise, there’s a lot of my childhood I don’t remember. I know I was quite an odd child. I was very quiet but insanely rebellious. I think this made me a bit scary.

People never expected me to do the things that I did. I liked to keep people on the edge. I still do, although mainly I like to be alone.

When it came to high school, I managed to grab myself a Scholarship for creative writing. I absolutely loved to write and read.

I spent a good majority of my childhood writing stories and trying to get them published. Perhaps this is why I can’t remember most of it.

I went to a very religious catholic private school. There was a convent on the school grounds. I was taught my education by nuns. I hated it. There were too many rules.

After going to school with people from a higher class than me I realised there was definitely an easier way to live and since I left school I’ve been living in this permanent dream state of thinking real jobs just aren’t for me.

This is probably what makes people dislike me. The only issue of living like this is that I’m not actually privileged and I quite often don’t have the money to support myself.

So during the skint times (times where I have no money) I get a minimum wage job and work my butt off, save hard, and then I quit and start to write again.

I have absolutely no desire to work in the same place for 15 years and climb my way up that career ladder so I can get promoted to assistant manager one day like Karen.

Anyway, along the way I’ve had some of the craziest jobs, and one day it just kind of struck me, I should start blogging about those experience and my life, why not share those experiences?

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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives them must lead.” Charles Bukowski

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