Stone Circle Fire Pit

I thought I’d share something creative this evening. A few weeks ago my partner Michael and I made a fire pit. I didn’t realise how therapeutic fires were until I had one.

There’s something so calming about staring into a wild fire, it’s flames liking the sides of the bowl. The magical range of colours in the flames from blue to amber and the soothing sounds of crackling wood. The brightly colour embers soaring in the dark night.

You could cook stuff in there too, like roasted veg wrapped in tin foil, marshmallows or crumpets.

You could even burn things that you want to move on from, like photo’s or letters, let those bad memories go.

Then of course there’s the mix of spiced red wine and those chilly autumn nights that are best spent with friends huddled around a fire. Those are memories worth keeping. Those are moments that heal.

With October quickly approaching, and my favourite time Halloween on the horizon, I thought I’d share our little project, let me know if you’ve created anything similar?

You will need:

Approximately, 12 large stones

An iron cast fire bowl (we got our on amazon)

1 bag of large gravel

Two bags of smooth pebbles

A selection of nice gem stones

Two cans of craft beer

How To:

We found some large stones and brought them home, they looked like they could of been part of an old cottage. It took some time, a lot of collecting and rearranging but we were able to fit them into a stone circle.

Then we bought some white smooth pebbles from a hardware store and added them underneath the iron cast bowl, I bought that from Amazon for about £45

Finally we added some gemstone and random pieces of things I’d collected over the years like coins and smoothed tiles and shells I’d found on the beach. I had a bowl of little gems for so long and they were just sat collecting dust. I thought this was a beautiful way of showcasing them.

Our beautiful little cat MR. Tiggs likes to watch us when we’re busy and was just generally happy to be in the Garden.

Finally I love watching the fire and every so often you get a glimmer from a gemstone and it catches your eye in a brilliant way.

This was a special project to me, I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Warm regards,


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