Magical Garden

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Today, I wanted to share somewhere special. It’s a place where I go to reflect on life and of course spend time with family. It’s a place where I feel safe, content and inspired.

It’s a beautiful place that I find full of magical energy and whenever I leave I feel recharged and bursting full of ideas.

I think it’s important to have places like this. When you struggle with mental health issues it’s important to have time out zones for your soul. Life can begin to feel toxic if you don’t take care of yourself.

For me I love somewhere peaceful, somewhere I can sit with the breeze brushing past my face and I can close my eyes and listen to the birds.

A Gin Beverage that I made with Hendricks Gin, for the garnish I used Borage flowers (they have a taste similar to cucumber) from the garden and pink peppercorn tonic water.

Borage flowers were introduced to Britain by the Romans.

Finally my beautiful little girl in her woodland animal dress. She loves to pick the apples and pears from the trees and blackberries too.

I think allowing children to connect with nature is so important. There’s something so humbling about picking fruit. For me it helps me to feel connected to the earth and human again.

Have you got a place like this that you escape too?


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