A Peaceful Picnic in a Place called Corbridge

As I’m gazing out the window today, the pale white sky looming over my vision and tiny rain drops tapping at the glass I am reminded that autumn is a time for change.

It’s a time to heal and let things go, like a leaf that’s shed from a tree. I have a huge oak tree that stands in my front garden and I am excited to see that start to change. I moved here in early summer so it’s my first time living in my home and seeing through the seasons.

I wanted to share with you today a lovely place I found at the beginning of summer, during what I can only describe as one of the craziest years I’ve lived through, not just for me, but for the whole world.

It’s been on of those truly shared experiences and the pandemic has effected people all over the world. I’m sure those effects are still being felt for some and will for sometime to come. Particularly those suffering from mental illness already.

During lock down we could go out for one hour a day to do exercise in the UK and drive 30 miles to get there. So this was a special place I found. There were virtually no people there which was perfect.

It was quite a hike to get there, although I enjoyed the physical challenge. My body needed to be pushed harder as we were only allowed out for an hour a day.

There was a steep hill leading down to an Idyllic stream, then we walked through a little wood and on the other side a field overlooking beautiful English countryside in a peaceful place called Corbridge.

We took some bubbles with us and my daughter Zowie loved chasing them through the field, then we stopped to have a little picnic.

Her little dress is from Jojo maman Bebe 🤍


I’m looking forward to summer next year, it will be a time to explore and wonder and hopefully leave this year behind.

What got you through the pandemic? Did you go exploring in your hometown to?


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