So I wanted to share with you a little recipe this morning. They have been my lock down companions during the pandemic. I’m not a cannabis smoker, but I am a fan of CBD oil.

When I was younger I was a huge Howard Marks fan. I met him when I was 20. He really was MR. Nice. I’ve read all his books, so it was kind of surreal meeting him in person.

CBD oil can help with a great range of skin conditions such as acne to eczema. I use CBD oil on my face, but it can also be ingested, to help with pain topically and orally and is thought to contribute to mental wellness, helping to improve your mood when suffering with depression.

Karma Coast sell top quality CBD oil products, which are available online or in the store and they ship world wide.

With the CBD being made in Holland, they have sourced the best quality products, and made a range of products in strength to suit everyone’s needs.

Now if you’ve read any of my other posts you might know by now that I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks when I was younger. Thankfully those days have gone now. Cannabis however, was always something I avoided.

I was sceptical about trying CBD oil at first, but I bought the strongest Cannabioil strain I could buy. I thought if I’m going to try it I might as well go for the strongest amount. 1500 MG.

I could feel it’s effect in two days. There was no heady high, I just felt relaxed, calm and happy. I felt like an improved version of myself. Just like that.

So then, being a chef and all I started to get creative. I started to mess around with recipes and this is one I’ve been perfecting over the pandemic.

Warning: You don’t want to heat up Cannabidoil if you can help it, it starts to taste really bitter which is not a nice taste and it also starts to loose the quality when it’s heated so if you’re going to spend lots of money on a quality product I would advise against heat where possible (or just a little bit).

CBD suits things like salad dressings or being drizzled over things, like an expensive olive oil. You can cook with it, you just have to be careful with it.

The benefit of cooking with it? To hide the taste and to eat some yummy cookies. Also when you eat it with something oily you absorb it properly.

My Nutella CBD Bomb Cookies

They might not look like typical cookies but trust me they’re worth it. You have to cook them on a super low heat to avoid damaging the Cannabidoil so the recipe’s a bit unconventional.


3 cups of flour (plain) / 1 cup caster sugar / 1 cup dark brown sugar (such as Muscovado) / 1 teaspoon baking powder / 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt / 2 Cups chocolate chips (dark) / 1 cup soft salted butter / 1 tub Nutella (small) 150g /10 drops CBD oil / 1 handful chopped walnuts / 2 eggs / 2 tea spoons vanilla extract / Real vanilla pod (optional) / 2 TBS warm water


Put Nutella in pan of hot water and allow to heat up in glass container, take out and leave to one side.

In a free standing mixer beat sugar, and butter, really mix, you want as much air in as possible minimum 3 mins. Add vanilla pod and essence.

When Nutella has cooled sufficiently but is still pliable add CBD oil, as much/ little as you would like. I use 10 drops but that’s up to you.

Careful that Nutella isn’t hot or you’ll end up with a really bitter taste.

Place large drops of Nutella onto a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray, they should be the size of large marbles. Place tray in Freezer and allow to cool.

Once butter sugar and vanilla are creamed stop mixer and add chopped walnuts. Mix for 1 min.

Add one cup flour, one egg, one cup flour, one egg mixing in between.

Add Himalayan salt and mix thoroughly. Stop mixer. Add dark chocolate chips and baking powder.

Stir in by hand with wooden spoon. Mix should be malleable. Firm and not sticky.

You’re looking for a dough. If sticky add flour. If dry add optional warm water. Careful that the dough does not become sticky.

Take Nutella out of freezer. They should be firm. Wrap cookie dough around Nutella to form cookie, which will have soft centre when cooked.

Place cookies on grease baking tray and cook on low heat, preheated oven. 140 degrees fan, Gas mark 1

Cook for 20 mins. They should look pale when you take them out of the oven.

When cookies have cooled add drop of CBD oil onto each one (optional).

You’re welcome, Nom Nom Nutella Bombs.


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