Last month I visited a landmark near where I live called the lady of Northumerlandia. It’s a man made piece of conceptual art and I was blown away by the beauty. The smouldering curves and the natural beauty of the female shape carved into the hill side and covered in swirling stone coloured paths to explore the magnetic shape of the female body.

Spirals and are an ancient symbol that represent the inward journey you must take to know and love yourself. I found this fitting to my current situation and highly inspiring. A true piece of art by Charles Jencks.

My kids enjoyed it too. My daughter Zowie loved the open space and the different levels and my son loved the different colour hues in the grass.

For me my journey is still one that I’m taking. I’ve had many body issues over the years and sometimes have struggled with the idea of being both a mother and wanting a career. I am still learning how to embrace being female.

Good art can make you stop and think. It challenges how you feel. I wanted to share this place because I left here feeling charged with energy and with the determination to embrace femininity.

Where do you like to go to think and feel inspired?


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