We were stuck in the house today because of the rain so I decided to get creative and make some Sushi.

My kids love anything that they get to help mummy with and these are so healthy.

They’re perfect if your kids start to get ‘bored’ and they encourage your kids to try new flavours.

I find because they’ve made them they’re happier to eat them.

Brain food for your kids

How to Prepare Sushi Rice

Wash rice and drain.

Leave to soak for 30 mins in cold water.

Cover and bring to the boil.

Stir in 1 Tbs rice wine vinegar and 1 Tbs caster sugar.

Spread rice onto tray to allow to cool quicker and then cover with a damp cloth.

Spicy Tuna Salmon Rolls

Mix tuna with spicy chipolte mayo

Lay Nori sheet onto mat. Cover with layer of smoked salmon. Use plain sushi rice and spread over Salmon leaving 1/5 at the top for rolling.

Layer a strip of finely cut spring onions near the edge of the rice. Leaving approx 1 inch. Cover with layer of spicy tuna.

Add veg of your choice, I used spring onions, carrots, red and yellow pepper.

Roll using sushi mat. Use water to dampen Nori to get it to stick to the roll.

wrap in cling film and chill for 30 mins before serving, use rice wine vinegar on knife before cutting to stop sticking.

Roasted Red Pepper, carrot and red onion sushi

Cut large pieces of red pepper, small pieces of carrot and red onion slices on baking tray. Coat with Teriyaki sauce and roast In oven for 15mins.

Once cooled use ice cream scoop to shape rice into mound. Top with roasted pepper and veg. My kids like sweet chilli sauce.

This is good if your kids aren’t a great lover of fish. They taste sweet and offer a bit of variety.

You can absolutely do a much neater version of these but I like to let my kids get involved in the kitchen and make a mess.

That part’s up to you.


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