A Photo Shoot of Me and My Daughter

I dabbled in some modelling when I was in my teens but as I’m only a tiny 5 ft 2 my modelling was cut short. Pun intended. I’m curvy too so even when I was super skinny there was no hiding my hour glass shape. Apparently big bums are all the rage now so I’m not too fussed anymore. I don’t think modelling would have been a good career for me anyway as I love food too much.

Since then though I’ve developed a love for photography. I’m forever taking photographs (I think I drive my partner and my kids mad) it’s become more of an obsession than a hobby. How nice it is to have somewhere to share them. I love taking photos of nature, animals, people, buildings and myself (mainly because I’m always a willing subject). Basically, I’ve always got a camera in my hand. I very rarely don’t enjoy a day out without my camera. I think that’s why blogging really appeals to me and it’s overwhelming to realise I’m not the only one out there like that. I wake up feeling motivated that I’ve got a little project to put together. I say this a lot, but let me know what content you’d like to see. I’m just finding my feet with this blog. Embracing my creativity. Like a flower that’s just opened in bloom. (I think the term is Anthesis.)

Yesterday I took these photographs of me and my daughter. I thought I’d share them with you. I like the way they’re blurred, I’m always fascinated by capturing movement within a still shot. I like the way they capture us too, my daughter is very active and curious so she rarely sits still for 5 mins. Sometimes I’m blown away by how beautiful she is. She is just the happiest little soul, full of determination and awe.


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