Pearls of Beauty

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I’m feeling a bit of Marilyn Monroe today, she was just beautiful wasn’t she? Wow.

I love these photographs of her. They just capture her presence so well.

I wrote another poem last night. I’ve called it Pearls. I was kind of inspired by these photos. I hope you enjoy.

This tick of time sips fast,

From aging springs of union;

Black light stone curves, awash.

Craftsmen simply sculpting

Dancing figures split, over rock.

Serpent sand slips in the air,

And palms hold down the moon.

Tears in awe of darkest night,

Ancient eternal glory, bliss;

As the sun rises, up the horizon.

Circa of Crete on your brow it lies

Hidden, like golden lovers, innocent;

China white women of sweet favour,

Affiliated by kind and mellow,

Hazy daze put into Tobacco

Pipes, their pearlescent skin glows.

Poem by Sophie McKeever

Published by Snophlion

“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives them must lead.” Charles Bukowski

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