Turning 30 and my Skincare Routine and favourite Hair Mask

I turned 30 this year and I’ve really had to step up my skincare routine.

I’ve noticed such a change in my body, I don’t know if other women feel like this but turning 30 for me was such a big deal.

It’s been a kind of mix between mourning for my twenties and feeling charged and ready for a new beginning.

Also, the pandemic hasn’t helped but sometimes I’ve felt so sad and really down, but on the other hand, I’ve gone self-employed and I’m loving it.

I feel super confident, self-assured and happy with my appearance for the first time, ever.

I’ve also been putting myself first for a change.

My daughters started nursery so I get a couple of days to myself a week now where I can really spend time pampering myself (and blogging).

These are two products I am absolutely loving right now and are helping me cope with the fact I’m now in my 30’s!

I always feel like pampering myself lifts my mood and sometimes you just need to spoil yourself, don’t you?

Hair Products

The first is a hair mask, they’re something I’ve just started using this year, in fact, I hadn’t heard of them before.

I saw this one on Instagram and gave it a try. It’s Give me Cosmetic’s Hair Mask.

Oh my, it smells so coco-nutty. I left this on for a couple of hours the first time I tried it (20 mins recommended) but my hair is a bit damaged and dry from bleach so I wanted to give it some TLC.

Wow, I couldn’t believe how well this worked.

It was like my hair after my hairdresser uses Olaplex (which is also amazing by the way, It’s a game-changer if you bleach your hair).

It’s a combination of Argan Oil and Coconut oil. It makes your hair silky smooth, shiny and it just looks professional after you use it.

I like to apply it twice a week and the great thing about Give ME cosmetics is that they usually have special offers on their products.

Last time I grabbed a goodie bag with Hylauronic acid face masks in some lip scrubs too, (it worked out cheaper too). Amazing.

My skincare Routine

The second is for my skin, It’s a rosewater tonic by Neil’s Yard.

So confession time, this year I stopped wearing foundation as much.

I used to pile it on by recently I’ve been enjoying a more natural look.

I think it’s a combination of being a parent of a toddler again and starting my own business I just don’t have time anymore.

This rose water tonic is so quick to use and it smells divine, whenever I spray it on to my skin I feel so elegant.

It’s just become one of those lifesaver products for when my skin is looking dull and need to be revitalised.

I use La Roche Posay Hyalu B5 moisturiser and then I spritz this on over the top, leave it for three minutes then I wear primer, mascara, I use an eyebrow pencil then I put some lipstick on. Done. Ready for the day.

What products do you love using? Comment below…

Thanks for reading <3


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