I love being by the coast in Summertime, there’s nothing better than a beach day, especially when you have kids. It’s rare to have an inexpensive day out during the summer, the beach makes a great place for selfies and you can de-stress while you catch a tan.

While England doesn’t have many hot summer days, when it does my first choice is to stroll to the beach. My favourite beach in Tyne and Wear being Longsands in Tynemouth. I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia but I still love this place. You get great views of priory castle and there’s a little restaurant/ bar, which is always handy.

Now that I’m blogging, I’ve been working on my photography. I love these photographs that I took in Tynemouth. How I’ve missed the warm sunshine and the cold waves licking my toes. I’m filled with energy today and hopeful that next year will be wonderful. The beach always fills me with optimism.

I’d love to see some of your photography. Link your blog in the comments below so I can check it out. Peace.


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