It’s taken me sometime to accept myself. In fact, I’m probably the most out of shape I’ve ever been (other than two pregnancies). It might strike you as odd then that I actually prefer myself now. Here’s why:

I’m not Constantly Calorie Counting So I can Enjoy life instead

I used to get so wound up with myself when I ate something that I shouldn’t. It got in the way of being able to enjoy life. Fortunately most of the food I like is healthy so it’s not like I’m bingeing on junk food all the time put the point is if I do, I don’t hate myself for it. I concentrate on my health and not my weight.

My bum looks bigger in things

Big bums are trendy. Who’d of thought that past few years would completely change what we define as attractive in the media. It turns out that most men actually prefer curvy women anyway. So maybe ditch the diet and just be happy. Confidence is sexier.

Curvier women tend to live longer

In 2005 a Danish study found that curvier women tend to live longer and they also have better maternal health.

I don’t Worry as much and I sleep More

I’m not going to loose sleep over those extra calories and you loose weight when you sleep anyway. I’m the least stressed I’ve ever been and I’ve just started a business!

I look younger

When I started putting weight back on I was surprised to see my skin looking plumper and my wrinkles start to fade. Since I’ve had my daughter people tell me I look young, a lot. Win win.

I feel like a woman

I used to think my body wasn’t womanly. Now I do. It’s also a sign of fertility, although I am definitely done in that department. Two children are more than enough for me.

I’ve stopped Smoking

I used to be terrified about not smoking anymore because I was worried about the weight that I’d pile on. Well let me tell you this year I’ve finally done it and I’m more proud of that than I am of keeping the pounds off.

How do you feel about your shape? Let’s be body confident.


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