Woven; tight clothes for Yogi’s

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Wow, so I am absolutely loving Woven at the minute. They’re a sports ware company for the yogi’s and the dreamers. Garments are made from material that’s been made with recycled plastic water bottles so you’re actually helping the environment, awesome! I love their ethos on the planet. I want to protect mother earth too.

Over 6.4 million tonnes of plastic trash enters the world’s oceans each year. RPET (the material they’re made from) creates a second life for plastics, helping to keep plastic out of our planet’s delicate eco systems.

Styles I’m loving:

These onxy bell bottom yoga pants;

Onyx Bell Bottom

These alpine joggers:

Alpine Jogger

Shakti Racer Back Bra:

Shakti Racerback Bra

I love the colours they use, inspired by India and the sacred geometry of nature, stunning. Why not do yoga in something practical and good for the environment. Looking sexy is just a bonus!


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