I am so excited about this! I got my ticket the other day. It’s an online event, webinars with successful mama bloggers, talking about how they made money and blogging into a full time job. I’m looking forward to meeting some mama bloggers too. It’s definitely been a challenge looking after a toddler and trying to work. It’s something I’m still getting used to. She gets under my feet, climbs on me and asks me to dance with her at the most inconvenient times, but most of all she is the motivation and drive behind wanting to make this a success.

Any mamma bloggers out there? (It’s free, one day left to join) Hop on:

Mamma’s Talk Money

It’s a week of free conferences, designed to help you with blogging, whatever your goals are, they offer a range of talk’s. Don’t forget to grab your note book, a strong coffee. See you there.

I’ve got a blog post on how to deal with tantrums in public, here.

I’ve also got one on tips to boost your mood when you’ve got postnatal depression, check it out here.


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