I woke up feeling a bit punk rock today.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been feeling trapped.

But I don’t want to wear a mask today or follow the rules.

The pandemic has us all so wound up and tense. I know staying at home is for our own good and it’s not that I don’t want to protect others because I do…

I am reminiscing about a time I never thought I’d loose.

I’ve never been good with authority or being told what to do.

I want to be free. I want to live like I used to without all these infringements on my life.

I want to get drunk with my friends and get excited about going out. Somewhere, anywhere.

I miss being able to talk to people and not having invisible boundaries around us all.

I am longing for the past. I am longing for a bar and a double spice rum and coke. A smile from a stranger and the energy of others.

I am longing for freedom. I’m wearing all black.


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