Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries

I’ve always been a lover in Art. I remember staying in Paris during the summers as a child. My auntie lived there in a little top floor apartment up a tall spiralling staircase.

There was a tiny lift with a metal cage in the centre that was big enough for one person but that rarely worked.

She lived on a pretty street, in fact it used to get used as a film set quite often. I used to find it fascinating. I’d dangle out the front room window and squash her flowers to peer over the window ledge so I could get a birds eye view of the film set.

Quite a few times she pulled me back into the apartment by my feet and scolded me for ruining her plants. I would sit on the steps of the Basilique du Sarce Coeur and sketch people and the district of Montmatre that it overlooked.

It was Paris that I tried my very first piece of real chocolate, dark cocoa, I had my first visit to a Patisserie, which started my love of baking but it was also the first time I visited an Art gallery, the Louvre.

I remember seeing the Mona Lisa and thinking it was so small. I couldn’t believe how big the crowd was, until I saw the painting. I became fascinated by art.

Even when I was a teenager, my friends would be getting drunk in the park and I’d go to art galleries alone to wander around the galleries to look at the art and feel inspired.

Of course I never told my friends this. They wouldn’t of understood. Arts always been a secret obsession, until I had children of course.

So this is why I decide to take my kids to Art galleries. It’s something I enjoy, I am content and at my happiest. I parent better when I feel like this.

I also want to encourage my children to view art as an important part of learning and development. I was never encouraged to be creative, it’s something I’ve had to embrace as I’ve become older.

I want my children to feel free creatively. I want to encourage thinking In and abstract way. I want them to think outside of the box and offer a reprise from the stressful world that is adulting.

A chance to be childish with imagination in a world were we must not be.

I like to make it fun. I like to let them run around in the big empty rooms and hear the echoes. I join them up for creative classes. I buy cakes and let them have that hot chocolate they ask for.

Art galleries are a beautiful representation of human culture and what we can achieve when we’re not thinking about politics, war or business.

I think creativity is important so that’s why I take my children to art galleries.


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