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In this bright time,

We live here still.

But once there stood a wasteland,

With feet at a line,

Fuelled by change, new ideals;

That were made for the sake of the cause.

That was committed in deeds, not words.

We live not in these moments,

And look not to the past.

These women fought for women,

In place of better judgement,

Equality has a cold heart,

When a war is needed to

Liberate an open mind.

Woman is as woman was,

Humanity a part of man,

On this ground we settle.

But clearly I am just a woman,


With feelings as vast as the ocean,

Resting on this opinion,

Ink on page, pen in hand.

Do I do what society tells me to do?

Or do I break all the rules?

A little poem I wrote about being female.


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“Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives them must lead.” Charles Bukowski

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