Wow, I have been absolutely inspired by the Mama’s Talk Money online summit. A serious of talks I listened to yesterday. Never have I been so inspired to be myself and embrace femininity.

So many amazing women speaking out and reaching out to females to teach us how to find ourselves and discuss money, whatever your situation is.

In particular I loved Glennon Doyle’s interview, she wrote the book Untamed. I had to buy it. I’ve read some feminist literature before, The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer and Simone De Beauvoir’s, The Second Sex.

Both had a profound effect on me and my views towards being female and marriage. In fact I never dreamed about getting married when I was a young girl, I dreamed about owning my own business. Untamed just sounds like a book I need to read. It’s described as a spiritual awakening for women.

I also watched a fascinating interview with Michelle Gomez. An extremely successful Latino woman. She teaches women how to get what they want from their careers.

She talked about feminine energy being like a super power when you tap into it and find the balance. Masculine and feminine energy got me thinking about my own journey. She says that femininity has long been associated with weakness and in order to progress with your career you have to ‘man up.’

She calls for a change in how we view ourselves. I couldn’t agree more. When I worked as a chef I had to compete with men all the time. I had to switch off my feminine energy to succeed. I couldn’t be emotional, I had to forget I was a mother and I had to act like a man.

Only now, that I have started discussing my life in blogging, have I embraced my feminine side. I’m working and being a mother, I am writing and looking after my children. Isn’t fantastic when you find something that speaks to your soul.

I have The Slits, typical girls playing in the background. Today I am feeling that the future is female. Today I am going to tell my little girl she is free to do as she pleases.

I am feeling positive about life and that I know longer have to chase after invisible ideals that I’ve been told to follow, so that I am acting as a female should. I am switching off my masculine energy and succeeding anyway. Today I am rewriting the rules, I am female. I am free.


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