Blue Sky Thinking. How to keep creating when you can’t find Inspiration

Today I am brainstorming. I am going out and looking for ideas and inspiration instead of passively waiting for ideas to come to me. Sometimes I get stifled by creativity. Pressure and deadlines can cause more stress and lead to anxiety and ultimately effect my performance. I like the unique aspect of blogging that allows you to brainstorm as you go about living your life, don’t you? Well blue sky thinking is kind of similar.

So what is blue sky thinking?

Have you ever felt like creativity comes to you in flashes of inspiration? The truth is creativity is a process just like any other thing. We can break down the process when we understand our mindset.

What effects your creativity?

Being self conscious. It’s unnerving producing something and sending out into the world for others to see. we’ve all had this at some point in our lives, for example posting something on Facebook and nobody responds to it, you can feel self conscious then. Well creativity is the same. When we produce things for others to see we realise it can affect others and how people perceive us. We begin to evaluate the practical and social values of what we have produced.

So if we get ‘stuck‘ it’s not that we don’t have the ideas, it’s that we shut them down before they have had a chance to develop and grow.

Creating content and evaluating what we have produced are both important stages of development. Every thought is valuable creatively, how you produce that idea and give it value is how we decide what to post.

Blue sky thinking is the idea that anything is possible. Imagine there are no limits and imagine the possibilities of where that can take you. The sky is literally the limit.

So next time you’re ‘stuck’ on what to write about take some time to free up your mindset and brainstorm. Anything goes. Begin to ask yourself silly questions about what you have written. Such as ‘if this concept was a mythical beast what would it be?’ The aim is to make unexpected connections in what your thinking. The hope is to transform stale ideas into new visions and ultimately for you to produce brand new content.

Your creativity is your vision. This should be allowed to flourish and grow into something beautiful.

The evaluation on how you present that idea to the world is the second process and should be kept separate from your creativity.

Blue sky thinking is a process we can use to trigger our mind into creating again when we feel like we’re ‘stuck.’

I hope this has inspired you if you’re feeling stuck with what write next. Let your mind be free to create again.


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