Have That Winning Mindset.

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This is me, embracing my business side. I’m excited about my future and also mastering a new way to think. Gone are those day of self doubt and confidence lacking comments.

Now I am going for it and yep, I’m winning.

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far…

What is a winning mindset? A winning mindset is what you much have if you want to succeed. It’s not something that happens over night, at least not for most people.

There are some of us out there that just seem content and blessed from day one, it doesn’t mean we all can’t achieve that by the way, they just have a little head start.

I think society has a way of pushing us down, we’re told to buy this product so you can look younger, or get this so you can be thinner, we’re constantly rated on our credit scores or made to think we’re not as good as others because we don’t have as much money as them.

There’s so many negative aspects of advertising and the beauty culture it can be easy to fall into a bad habit of believing you aren’t as good as everyone else.

My partner Michael has a degree in advertising. He worked for agencies and choose that profession until finally he decided he didn’t agree with it. Actually now when adverts come on the TV, or the radio when we’re driving somewhere he gets annoyed by them.

The truth is we all are as good as each other. We are all unique and have strengths that are unique to us. The trick is to tap into this energy and not get defeated.

So what is a winning mindset?

A winning mindset is to be confident in your ability. Know what you’re capable of and believe you can do it.

Motivate and inspire others with your personal story. Don’t let it own you, instead become empowered by helping others to learn from your struggles.

Look at obstacles as opportunities. Things might seem difficult now but imagine what will come afterwards or as a result of completing something difficult.

Take the time to nurture yourself and learn how to grow. For example, get therapy, learn to drive or watch You Tube videos on how to improve your confidence. You are the most important part of your life, you deserve to flourish.

Learn healthy money habits and stop over/ under spending. Set goals for your future, short term and long term. Figure out how you’re going to achieve those goals, come up with a plan and push yourself to get there.

Even if you don’t get there right away, these steps are still going to help you build up your confidence. Who knows what you can achieve?

I get it, money is a tough subject, especially at the moment, but budget ruthlessly, figure it out. If you’re over spending, why? Is that purchase worth it? do you need it? Sometimes these things stem from childhood.

Try looking at your past and figure out if bad money habits come from there, you never know, it might just turn you from a spender into a saver. There are also some great apps out there that monitor your spending and save for you if you find it difficult.

Drop bad habits. However tempting, they’re just going to make you feel worse in the long run. Maybe, instead of that large glass of wine you have in the evenings to unwind you cut it down by one glass a week. Take small steps.

Create multiple streams of income. Have a full time job? Great. What else can you do on the side to earn extra cash? Investments? Side business? Build up those savings and do something you’ve always dreamed about with them.

Find a mentor. Find someone sensible you can go to for sound advice. These people in life are important. It could be a parent, friend or partner. Take care of these people, they’re hard to come by.

Find out what successful means to you, so many people I have met have worked really hard, had amazing careers with a pay package to match and still feel empty inside.

Finally have a mantra. Have a positive affirmation that you say to yourself everyday. This will help you succeed and ensure you stay in that winning mindset.

If you’re worried about money for example think ‘money will come to me.’ If you lack confidence think ‘I am confident, I can do this.’

Thinking positively has a huge impact on how you view life. You might start to see opportunities you might have missed otherwise.

These processes aren’t always easy but you can master a winning mindset. Have anything else that’s helped you to succeed in life that you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a fantastic day, whatever you might be doing. Also, I have a Facebook page now so don’t forget to go ahead and give that a like.

Thanks for reading.

Now get winning.


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