My daughter and my cat are the best of friends. Despite her constant pulling at his tail, trying to sit on him and tap him on the head so that he notices her.

He is the most patient and affectionate cat I’ve ever met.

When I was pregnant I was worried about how he’d respond to a new baby in the house, but it turns out he loves it.

I almost rehoused him with a friend I was so worried, but I needn’t have been. He’s become a constant companion to my little girl.

He follows her around the house and watches out for her. He even snuggles into her when she is having a nap.

Did you know that having a cat in the first year of your babies life can lower their chances of a respiratory problems and they’re less likely to develop allergies?

I got my cat six years ago, from a pet store, he was a little tiny kitten sat in a little cage on his own meow-ing.

I walked past and I just couldn’t walk away. He looked so small sat there in a mound of newspaper. He was all by himself, just like me.

His little moustache and his markings, his mischievousness of course is what makes our souls connect.

I knew right there that I had to take him home. I’d just come out of a bad relationship and my best friend had committed suicide all in the space of a month. I was (24) in a dark place and I can’t begin to thank this cat enough for bringing me out of it.

It was like the universe put him there. His little paws and his purring, cuddling up to me on cold nights, amusing me by jumping across the furniture.

He’s a cat so he’s most definitely got a naughty side and he loves scratching my furniture.

When it rains he stands at the door and begins to meow to go outside so when I open the door he’ll stand and look at the rain and then look at me, as if he expects me to actually stop the rain.

I just wouldn’t swap him for the world.

Did you know that owning a cat can lower your stress levels? This in turn can lower your chances of heart disease or having a stroke.

I genuinely think that my cat Mr Tiggs (formally known as Tiger) has had such a positive impact on my mental health. (This pertains to dogs too).

I’m not saying rush out and buy a pet. Make sure you can look after it, have the right kind of home and afford it first but the benefits of having companionship when you have mental health issues are undeniable.

Cats are such cool and elegant creatures aren’t they?

They boost your energy levels and your mood. Ten minutes with my cat feels like an hours yoga session.

Sometimes, when I feel a bit down my cat will come and find me. He’ll cuddle in and purr.

It’s amazing how much better I feel. I am reminded of sound healing when he begins to purr. The vibrations are good for my soul.

How lucky we are to have found each other in this crazy world.


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