Fluffy teddybear coat from April Moon Boutique

Hey everyone, I just couldn’t resist sharing some photo’s with you all of the coat I received today.

Zowie, my daughter, yep I gave her an unusual spelling of the name Zoe. I love the name Zoe, and the meaning (life), I just thought spelling it as Zowie was so cute. I am half Dutch so maybe this is why I chose an unusual spelling. If you’d like to know more I have a post about her beautiful name here:

Anyway, my daughter was actually squeaking with excitement when I opened the parcel.

She has named the coat her peekaboo bear coat and she loves it.

It’s 100% vegan. It’s so amazingly soft and I absolutely love the newspaper print on the inside. It’s a really nice little touch and adds some contrast to her little outfits. I just LOVE it.

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Much Love.


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