I finally did it, after three weeks, I took a day off…

Well, sort of, I decided to do some online training courses on social media. I’m still getting used to being my own boss. It feels odd taking a day off…

Does anyone feel like this when they’re self employed? I’d love to know, comment below…

I can’t begin to thank you all enough for the support you’ve shown me so far. It’s really given me the confidence to follow and grow my passions.

I was thinking to myself the other day that now is actually an excellent time to start a blog and make it into a business.

Web businesses are thriving at the minute. Everyone is working from home, everyone is shopping online, it’s an exciting time for web businesses. Don’t you think?

I thought I’d share some tips on Instagram today. If you haven’t joined my Instagram already you can on my Instagram blog button.

If you have followed me you can see my followers aren’t great. I’m very much learning as I go. That’s why I decided to take a course yesterday. It’s a platform I need to work on.

Here are some really interesting tips I picked up though; I thought I’d share them with you all.

If you’re interested in taking the free course it was by Christina Galbato and it was called How to be an Instagram Influencer.

I would recommend checking it out. She does other courses like the ‘Influencer Boot Camp’ that you pay for but I hopped on this one because it was free.


  1. Find a Niche. Make sure your photo’s are all on a similar topic.
  2. Make the images look similar. Use the same couple of filters so that the images blend together in a satisfying scroll down your feed.

3. Keep posting content your audience wants to see, tap into your niche and stick with it.

4. Focus on the quality of your images, the quality of your content is more important than the quantity.

5. If you want to work with brands, they will only approach you if you show them what you’re capable of creating. Say you want to work with travel companies, for example, produce a consistent feed of high quality travel images.

6. Write long engaging stories, 50% to 70% of your feed should have longer stories. The first line should be engaging. It should make people want to read more. Think micro blogging with informative content.

7. Longer stories mean people will be more likely to engage with your content. In turn this will push the algorithm. The more people engage with a post the bigger an audience Instagram will show it to.

8. Understand the algorithm, make it work for you and not against.

These were some of the tips I learnt, I would highly recommend checking out the course for more information. As for me I’ve got a lot of work to do, but when you enjoy what you are doing so much is it really work?

Thank You for joining me on this journey. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog for my latest updates…

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