Is there anything more terrifying than taking that leap of faith into the unknown? Should I start a business? Should I leave a relationship? Should I go travelling?

Well, today I wanted to talk about the reality behind that, what makes it so difficult and why you should pursue what you put your mind to.

I’ve often been blind-sighted about my ability to be creative. What I’m learning is that I am talented, I just need to believe in myself. My perfectionism is taking a back seat, kind of, and I’m replacing it with self-belief.

Still every now and again, it’s normal to hit a bump in the road. The unknown is unfathomably large and frightening. It can feel isolating and unnerving. I think it’s important to understand that we all experience these moments.

For me, my leap of faith has been starting my business. I have had days with an overwhelming feeling of depth and a flood of emotions. Ones that dazzle me and ones that scare me. I think to myself how can this be? How will I succeed? What if I fall?

I am a sensitive soul that cares about the well being of human beings. That’s not a bad thing but sometimes I need a bit longer to deal with things than others seem to. I like to think philosophically, but be careful Sophie that you don’t get lost in the abyss…

After a while, I realised about myself that, ‘this person isn’t who I thought she was at all, she can achieve great things.’ All I really needed was to believe that I could do it and I did.

It all got me thinking though, why do we waste so much space on things that are not good for us, whether that’s negative people, bad career choices or places where we live and are unhappy to stay there. What is so scary about new beginnings?

Maybe it’s because we struggle with the unknown, or that we expect change will be bad. There’s just a whole heap of emotions attached to someone who isn’t good for us for example, isn’t it just so hard to walk away from someone who we know is bad for us.

Change isn’t bad, it’s a fundamental part of our development. Change should be exciting. It might hurt or feel uncomfortable. It might be unpredictable and new but what can be more rewarding than growing. Why do we stop learning and decide to stay the same?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to stay the same. I don’t want to just be like this in three years’ time. I see every day as a chance to become a better version of myself. I’m actually excited that tomorrow is another day.

Whatever your leap of faith is I hope you take it. You can do it and you’re going to be awesome.


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