A Poem about Emotional Abuse.

I wrote a little poem about emotional abuse. I know it’s not a topic that excites most and it’s a difficult topic to talk about, but seeing as I’ve been writing about emotional abuse recently this poem wanted to escape.

My other posts on emotional abuse include my book review on escaping the shame you don’t deserve by Beverly Engle, types of emotional abuse and is my relationship really a relationship?

I decided to take a deep dive into the topic as I think it’s something that effects so many of us.

Love is unconditional. It starts from the heart.

It does not create barriers or exercise control.

This type of behaviour is bad for your soul.

Open your heart to others and feel it flow.

Respect peoples boundaries,

Let their happiness show,

Love picks you up when you are down.

It puts you first and it puts it’s ego down.

It does not create conflict; Or try to,

Punish you when you act in a way,

That it does not consider fine.

Love listens to your voice,

And helps you to shine.

It does not critique, gossip or blame.

It takes care of others and helps them maintain.


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