It’s nearly the end of half term, the world is still struggling with the pandemic. There’s news of another lock down coming in England. We should of been going to Tunisa last week. It was going to be my daughter’s first time on a plane.

I have travelled all over the world with my son Thomas. He loves to travel. I always think one of the greatest things you can do for children is travel. What’s more eye opening than seeing the world and learning about different cultures?

I decided we needed some comfort food. We went to a lovely little Italian bistro called Mascalzone, which is Italian for Rascal.

During my time as a chef I worked for an Italian’s and I must admit the food they taught me to cook was to die for. I’m very fussy when it comes to Italian’s but this was divine. Especially the eggplant lasagne! We sat outside just to be continental. Even the sun decided to start shinning.

Afterwards we took a long stroll in a lovely place called Jesmond dene. The trees were full of beautiful colours from lime green to auburn.

It still stuns me how tall my son is, he’s nearly 6ft. He always finds it funny when we’re out together because I’m a tiny 5ft 2. He calls me little momma.

He’s 13 and growing up to be such an amazing young man. Sometimes you just need to spend a day connecting with your children. I had a long debate about Donald Trump. Who knew my son had such an in depth perception of American Politics.

I think if this lockdown has taught us anything, it’s how important family really are. Sometimes when I take the time to connect with my children I am overwhelmed by how lucky I am to have them.

I have some exciting news to announce next week about a review I’m doing and I can’t wait to share with you all. Tonight at least I am relaxing after a lovely day. I am taking a deep breath and feeling grateful for all I have.

How are you all coping with this next wave of the pandemic? Sending hope and love to all.


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