It’s Halloween. We’ve carved our pumpkins, made some gingerbread cookies and covered them with orange sprinkles. We’ve watched the Nightmare before Christmas, again. Tim Burton’s classic master piece. My daughter loves it. She stomps around to all the songs. Sometimes I must admit, I join in.

My daughter has put on her witches costume. In fact it was the first thing she wanted to do when she woke up and got out of bed. We begin our day of Halloween activities.

The sun sets and we decide to go for a walk around the block. I’m not sure if we should with the next lock down approaching in England, but we can’t resist. We walk along the road together and she grabs tightly to my hand, cooing at all the decorations everyone’s put up.

It’s her first Halloween. Well she knows whats going on this year at least. She can’t believe all the candy that people have left outside. They’re hanging on clothes lines by little pegs, or sticking out of pumpkins. She screams at the giant spider in the tree and the cobwebs all over someone’s home. The skeletons and witches hanging in windows get a little wail. She tells me to ‘run, run!’

It’s nice getting to celebrate the holidays and do something spooky. I always think Halloween is one of the kindest holidays out there. It brings children such happiness. You leave sweets out for strangers and encourage fancy dress. It’s a holiday that embraces creativity. It’s a big thing in our home at least. How about yours?

I thought I’d go for a vampire look this year. I’ve always had a kind of thing for vampires. Not psychic vampires though. Those ones I avoid. Do you think I suit being a vampire? ….

Have a happy Halloween everyone.


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