Well with everything that is happening in the world right now I’m amazed that we haven’t take a leaf out of Guy Fawkes’ Gun Powder Plot in the UK and blown up parliament…

We decided to have a little fire and light some sparklers while we wait to find out who America’s next president is going to be. I always think American Elections are so much more exciting than ours in the UK it really is even isn’t it? Who knows who will win.

My outfit of the day was a bit continental. I love dressing smartly. I just feel so much more confident in clothes like this. Must be my business side shining through.

We went for lunch in a little pub called the Bee Hive. I had the steak pie. It was so tender… I was a vegan before I met my partner so I rarely eat meat but this was a treat and exactly what I need before the lockdown. Real comfort food.

Then my sister in law sent me this photo of when we met up on Sunday and my heart just melted so I had to share it with you all. So cute.

In the evening we had a fire in the garden. It wasn’t quite a Bon Fire but it was fun all the same. We even got some sparklers out and had a spiced rum and coke each. It was nice to cuddle up in the cold Autumn air and warm ourselves in front of the fire. It was a romantic evening, even if it wasn’t a typical Bon Fire night.

There is just something so therapeutic about watching the fire burn. It’s like all the things I had in my head that I wanted to get out; I let them go and sat peacefully and felt hopeful about new beginnings.


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