Good morning everyone, how has your weekend been? I’ve been a busy bee as usual. I did an amazing training course on Saturday morning. It’s really given me the confidence to progress with my business.

I’ve got a little announcement to make about something I’ve been working on for the past few days. As you all know by now I am absolutely overwhelmed and amazed by the support I have received. Thank you for your lovely comments about my writing. It fills me with happiness that I am able to help others.

If you’re just joining me on my blog and finding out what I’m all about, I basically came from a bad place of self loathing and bad self esteem. I really struggled to build lasting relationships with people and had major body issues with myself.

I’m please to say that those days are in the past, but I know how hard life is when you feel like that. I decided to start this blog in September because it’s something I feel passionate about. If I can be confident, so can you.

Anyway I began this blog with a vision. I wasn’t sure if it would take off or if it was something people would like and support but it turns out you do. And that feels amazing, believe me.

What has really overwhelmed me though is the message in your comments. I feel that there are so many people out there who feel like I used to, so I got my thinking cap on and thought about what would of helped me when I felt that way. Kind of like an instruction manual on how to heal yourself.

So I decided to write an ebook for you. It’s called ‘How to become a master of boundary setting: You are not a Door Mat.’ In this Ebook I aim to take you on a journey of self healing and acceptance. I want you to feel empowered and strong.

Stay tuned for the release date and comment below on your thoughts about this. I am very excited to be making this announcement and I hope you are too.


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