My little Diva

I was looking through photographs today. I was reminiscing about the past. I thought it would be cute to share some photographs of my little girl Zowie.

Zowie means ‘life’ and she is just that, life itself. Her middle name is ‘Ayla’ which means ‘halo of light around the moon.’ I thought this was beautiful. Oh how much she has grown.

She is strong willed, independent and loving. She is a wild spirit (like her momma).

She is my little diva. She is a Leo. I’m an Aquarius. We’re opposites in the Zodiac but we are just meant to be. We balance each other out.

Below my daughter is wearing her coat from April Moon Boutique, If you’d like to see my post on it and grab your discount code, you can see here:

What a journey parenting is. It amazes me, just how different my two children are. Each one has taken me on a different path.

My son is a Sagittarius, rare and wild. The wander of the Zodiac. His name is ‘Thomas’ which means ‘twin’, his middle name is Andrew which means ‘brave man’.

He is indeed that. If you’d like to read more on my story about becoming a mother at 16, you can here:

I am so very lucky to have my babies. What joy and love they have brought me.


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