I’ve been really creative recently. November is usually a sad time for me. Six years ago my best friend Louise committed suicide, 14th November 2014….

November isn’t usually my month, but this year I am bursting with creativity. My friend Louise was an artist. Her second name was Paisley. Like the pattern. She was studying Advertising. We were partners in crime. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of her.

Sadly life was too much. She took her own life by walking into the sea. The coast guards spotted her and tried to pull her out but it was too late. She’d drown. My heart has never healed since and usually I am filled with such sadness in November.

I usually feel like the world is dragging me down. I feel numb and hopeless. This year it’s like her creative spirit is here. I am creating my way out of sadness. I still miss you beautiful Libra friend…

Here are some photos I took today in my garden with my daughter. Louise was a little bit punk so I thought she would of liked these…

Punk vibe photography.


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