I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, in a previous blog post that Instagram is a new platform for me. I started it during the first lock down as a hobby. Recently though I have transitioned it into a business account for this blog.

Over the past few weeks I have been doing some training and I thought it would be cool to share tips with you as I start to develop my account and grow.

In this way I can try things out and share them with you. I can tell you what has worked and what hasn’t and you can watch me grow my account while I’m doing it, organically. If you haven’t added me already, add me at: @sophieannmckeever

Today I wanted to share some story hacks I’ve been learning to get your story to reach more accounts.

Instagram stories last for 24 hours only but there is now a new stories highlights button where you can save your top stories, or ones that have been shared by other companies.

This is great for new people clicking on your account as they can see what your all about and if you don’t have a story that day they can see previous ones which will hopefully turn that person into a follower.


To get your story to reach more accounts you can add hash tags. A great way to add multiple hash tags is to copy the colour in the background, use the hashtag key in the text format and add lots of hashtags.

You can then shrink the text and hide it in the background. This increases the amount of hashtags you can use as well as hiding the text to give your story a cleaner and clearer appearance.


Use cute stickers to make your story pop. I guess this just takes an eye for design and some practice. For this one I used cute girly stickers because it matches the product. I also twinned it with a pastel pink background because it matches the coat.


Tag the company the product is from. In this case @APRILMOON_BOUTIQUE shared my story. This meant that all there followers will now see my story. This is good for two reasons.

It will increase the amount of people who click on my Instagram account.

This will boost my stats and also hopefully increase my followers.


Encourage people to head to your bio. Your Instagram bio is really important. It can make or break a follow. That means keep the emojis to a minimum and also use those 150 character spaces to sell yourself and your product.

In my case my BIO leads to my blog. That helps me to boost my stats and hopefully land more offers to give you, my lovely followers. It also helps me to create more content because I can see what you all want to see when I check my stats.


Tag yourself and link your profile to your tag. This means users can simply click on your tag and it takes them straight to your page, which will hopefully gain you a follow.


Turn a live photo into a boomerang (This is a moving photo).

You must take a live photo within 24 hours. Once you have taken a live photo (one with movement) upload it to your story. Tap and hold the photo for a few seconds until you see the word boomerang appear.

This is a funky way of making a story. It’s not well know so it’ll make your content look fresh and up to date. <3

I’m looking forward to sharing more tips with you all. Enjoy your Monday everyone.


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