A Day with My Daughter and Some Photography

I love that my daughter is fascinated by the camera. It fills me with absolute joy. She occasionally has days where she gets sick of me photographing her. I can understand why.

As a parent I sometimes feel guilty, I feel like I should be playing with her instead of pointing a camera at her. On this occasion I took a sneaky selfie on my Iphone and I’m so glad I did because I captured this moment and now I’m happy.

She’s just so photogenic and adorable it’s hard not to take her photograph, don’t you think?

In all seriousness I feel like I’m often annoying people by constantly taking their photograph’s. My teenage son especially.

I don’t mean to, it’s just something I love doing. I want to capture every moment so I don’t loose it.

I kind of assume that everyone is fed up of seeing photographs of myself, so it’s nice to mix it up and have other subjects to photograph every now and again.

Excuse my lack of makeup. I shoved a hair band on and decided time with my daughter was more precious. I quite liked this photograph of myself however. I am myself. Sometimes I get fed up with makeup.

I get fed up of trying to present a persona to the world. I often think because of how I look people expect something different from me.

They expect me to be loud or super confident. They expect me to be put together and trendy. The truth is I’m not. I’m a bit goofy and I like that about myself.

Afterwards we had a little play in the garden. I just love her dress. It’s got all you need is love written on it. It’s very sixties and it’s true. Love is all you need.

Finally I wanted to share a photograph I took on Sunday. We were given this outfit by my partner Michael’s, grandmother.

It’s a long knitted cardigan with a matching beret and it’s just gorgeous. Zowie absolutely suits a beret, doesn’t she? I can just see her in Paris when she’s older.

I am so excited to watch my daughter grow. I wonder what she will create when she gets older. Maybe she’ll have a penchant for photography?

Enjoy your day everyone. Keep family close to you and remember what makes you, you and cherish that.

You are one of a kind and there’s something amazing about that isn’t there?


3 thoughts on “A Day with My Daughter and Some Photography

    1. Thank you 🙏 I am enjoying spending time with her. I was a bit of a work- a – Holic when I had my first one so it’s nice to slow down a bit and enjoy time with her x

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