My Sixties Vintage Hat from Carnaby Street

Wow, so this is my sixty ninth post! How did that happen? To celebrate I thought I’d do a post on my favourite hat. It’s a vintage. I bought it from a fashion dealer a few years ago. It was made on Carnaby Street in London in the swinging sixties.

Carnaby street was the place to be if you were in search of creative inspiration during the 1960’s. Or so I’ve read. It was awash with vibrant colours, new exciting cultures, new sounds musically and a rebellious identity, there was nowhere else like it in London.

Music stars including Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and style icons Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor were all Carnaby Street regulars. They all happen to be my absolute favourites musically. Music was so good back then. I think I belonged in the sixties along with my vintage hat…

I can see myself playing sixties music all day. Anyway, I was up bright and early this morning and I was just in the mood for some photography. There is the most beautiful stone wall in our garden. It’s full of vibrant colours. I thought it made the perfect backdrop for my photography today. So I grabbed my vintage hat and got to it.

The unknown Desperado who rode into Lago…

You know I never realised until I watched High Plains Drifter how kind of eerie and good that film actually was. I think I had the premise of that story in my mind when I took these. Like the idea that a ghost could come back and haunt you in such a real way. It’s a deep movie. Anyway, I guess these shots are little nostalgic of an era lost. An era I’ll never haunt.

I wonder what magic my hat has seen. Have a swinging day all you crazy cats.

Much love,


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