Cute Wrapping Paper Ideas For Kids

Morning all. Is there anything nicer than that first cup of coffee of the day?

I live with two Sagittarius’s, which is magical don’t get me wrong. They’re really free spirited and funny. But their birthday’s are the 3rd and the 6th of December.

That means I am forbidden to talk about Christmas until they’ve celebrated their birthdays. That means no Christmas decorations. I can’t put up the Christmas tree. I can even mention the word without being reminded it’s their birthday’s first.

I get it, but I’m a Christmas person. And this morning I am secretly feeling Christmas-y. I thought it would be cute to share some present wrapping ideas for kids.

With everything that’s happened this year I am going all out with Christmas this year. They need something special. Something to look forward too.

We’ve just found out we’re allowed to see our families this Christmas when we come out of lock down in the UK. Which is fantastic.

I love these little animals. I just know my daughter will go crazy for them. And with the lockdown, we’ve had so much more time than usual. I’m a really enjoying all this time to be creative. Aren’t you?

Candy canes are so cheap. What a lovely little touch they make to gifts.

Pom Pom’s give a pop of colour don’t they? I love this one. I’m purchasing brown paper this year and getting creative.


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