A chilly soirée at Heaton Park; A Sagittarius’ birthday.

Yesterday was my aunties birthday. Yep, that’s three Sagittarius’ I am lucky enough to have in my life.

I have two Aunties and they both mean the world to me. They are both super intelligent and strong women.

They have been my rock at times, my best friend’s and they have also told it to me straight when I messed up or did or said something I shouldn’t of said. (I do that a lot).

My auntie Ann, who’s birthday it was, was my auntie who used to live in Paris.

I used to visit her in the summers and stay in Paris when I was young. I talk about some of my childhood memories of Paris on this blog post here:

Why I Take My Kids To Art Galleries

When she was Eighteen she moved to America. She became an au-pair, looking after wealthy people’s children.

Eventually she decided to move to Paris, although she worked for some pretty A-list people.

Paris is where she finally settled. She loved the music, the art and of course the food.

Now she lives in England. She moved here 11 years ago to take care of my grandmother when my grandfather passed away.

She doesn’t like to have her photograph taken so I wouldn’t put her photograph on here. (I think she’d shout at me). I definitely come from a family of eccentrics.

She lived on her own for twenty five years in Paris. She never got married or had children.

She was just content living the good life with her friends. she worked as transcriber. Transcribing films from french into English.

Anyway, she’s the one who took me around art galleries in Pairs and to museums. She’s the reason I love art so much.

She’s also the one who used to buy me so many books and the one who got me interested in food.

She’s been a huge inspiration in my life so it was amazing to see her even if we had to socially distance. First we went to a little park.

Zowie pictured, wearing her new little wellies. She’s absolutely over the moon with them. They’re pink pepper pig ones. She almost wanted to wear them to bed!

Then we went to Heaton park. It’s the first time I’ve been here. It’s really quite lovely.

There’s still some shades of Autumn but there was such a chill in the air. It really was cold yesterday.

Here I’m wearing my lovely necklace by Naeyd. I went for some blue eye shadow because I thought it was a kind of french look. I love that blue eyeliner look they do. I might try and recreate it. Do some french and 60’s eyeliner looks.

Afterwards my daughter found another park with a little tree house so she played in there until it started to get dark.

There was also a trampoline there so I just couldn’t resist getting some photographs.

It’s my partners birthday today. It’s so odd having birthdays during lock down. We don’t know what to do with ourselves.

I’m so sad that I can’t just hug the people I love. I just appreciate everyone so much more now I can’t see them. I don’t know how to express how I feel about it all. I guess I just need to stay creative…

Last night on the news they announced that England is the first country to approve a vaccine.

What normally takes two years has been condensed down to a few months. It’s pretty amazing stuff. All those people that have worked around the clock to make it possible, they’re just incredible aren’t they?

What amazing news for Christmas.

Have you had a birthday during lock down? What did you do to celebrate it? We’re looking for ideas.


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