Wow, so today my son turned fourteen. I am just overwhelmed by happiness and joy.

I am so very proud of who he is. He really is so mature for his age. He’s handled 2020 like a pro.

He’s dressed in his brand new Nike air-max trainers. His jumper and tracksuit bottoms are from Gymshark.

Is he just stylish or what?

My Black Strawberry Earrings…

Speaking of style, today I went for a sixties-style makeup look today with my black strawberry earrings. I got my cute little pinafore dress from River Island. I love the bell sleeves.

I am really getting into vintage looks at the minute. I’m loving 60’s style makeup pins on Pinterest. I’ve been collecting them. I’m going to recreate some.

I’ve got some new exciting jewellery coming from Freya Treasures that I think would work really well with that sixteens look.

I’m looking forward to shooting some content for you all.

Freya Treasures jewellery pieces are all 100% hypoallergenic and gold plated. I am really excited to be working with this quality brand. I can’t wait for my new jewellery to arrive.

If you haven’t followed me on Pinterest, by the way, give me a follow @snophlion

I am literally obsessed with Pinterest at the moment. I’ve had my account for years but recently I am loving how creative it is getting. Pinterest is changing and I love that. It’s just the best place for inspiration, don’t you think?

It’s like an online scrapbook, without the mess or glue…

I’d love to see what you’re pinning. Give me a comment in the box below with your Pinterest handle and I’ll follow you.

We’re about to eat some birthday cake. So I’m ending my post here for today. It’s just been the most perfect weekend.

It’s been a welcome distraction from the current crisis. I hope you are all doing ok. It has been a tough year for everyone.



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