I stayed up way too late last night watching the Black Mirror series on Netflix.

It’s an ‘abstrusely dystopian future, where several individuals grapple with the manipulative effects of cutting edge technology in their personal lives and behaviours.’

I felt like it was kind of relevant. Since starting this blog I feel like I spend so much time relying on technology. I do enjoy blogging, I just marvel at how my life is now consumed by my phone/ laptop.

Anyway, I didn’t get to bed until 3.30pm so I am tired today. New small business owners, sometimes we just need to blow off some steam, am I right? It’s not exactly going out clubbing but it’s still a late night…

I’m definitely in need of some tinted moisturiser today to cover up that late night. I thought I’d do a beauty post.

If you’ve read any of my pervious ones you’ll know I’m usually a skin care gal. But if you’ve been following me on Instagram you might have seen that I’ve getting back into makeup again.

I was really excited about seeing revolution releasing their Super Dewy Range. It sounds like the kind of make up I like. That no makeup, makeup look.

I’ve been trying this stuff for two weeks now so I thought I’d share some views on it and also include some products that I like using to.

Revolution Products

So first up, I bought the Super Dewy Super Balm. It’s for the face, body and lips.

It says ‘Not only will this product give you a glossy glow. It will help restore dry, cracked skin. An all-in-one product that will moisturise and protect.’

It also says that it can be used to treat dry skin conditions and blemishes.

I was expecting this to be a bit like a moisturiser I guess but it was more like a balm with a pink tint. It has a texture of a primer.

It was quite difficult to squeeze out the tube you definitely need to work the tube to get the product out, but I guess that stops you from using too much.

It was priced at £8.00 which I think is reasonable. I used it over my CBD oil, moisturiser and then this super balm.

If you’d like to read my post on the CBD facial oil I use you can here.

It goes on nicely and sort of melts into your skin to feel almost oily. It’s feels luxurious and I like that it has a pink tint. It’s not a primer. It’s skincare with a similar texture.

Have I noticed a change in my skin? Yes. My skin feels tighter and the skin tone seems more even. Even the bags under my eyes don’t look as prominent. Generally it feels softer.

I used to wake up with very dry skin so I’m loving this product. I would recommend it if your skin is very dry, however it won’t replace your moisturiser or primer. It’s more of an additional step.

Next I bought the Skin Elixir Makeup serum. It says ‘Infused with nourishing oils and Wild Berry Extract, to give you instant luminous skin, without the greasy feeling.’

This product is a liquid. I used three drops. It took a few squeezes to get the product out. It doesn’t say whether you should use this and the super balm but I have been.

It’s like a tinted facial oil. It says you can use this with or without make up so I guess it’s a tinted moisturiser really. I’m not convinced that you really need this step and I feel like it’s running out quickly.

I’m not sure if I would get this again as it’s kind of the same as the tinted moisturiser. I think maybe it just depends on your preference whether you like a moisturiser cream or facial oil.

It cost me £10

Next I got the tinted moisturiser in Light. You get a lot of product in this one with a hygienic pump so this was an absolute winner for me.

I’m just going to say that I love this product and I will definitely buy it again. It cost me £9 so I will buy this instead of the facial oil next time. I’m more of a cream gal.

I feel like I got more of an even coverage with this product. It’s very light, so if you’re looking for a medium to heavy coverage this is not for you.

It’s highly pigmented so it’s covers you by using minimal amounts of product. This is obviously much better for your skin then smothering it with foundation.

It is buildable, I found applying it with a brush didn’t work well. A makeup sponge or fingers were better, but because the products so light if you use a sponge you will have to build your moisturiser on a little more.

If you’re looking for that no makeup, makeup, these products are for you. Your skin will be able to breath, it’s natural and and luminous looking.

I’ve also been using this warming gel moisturising mask. Especially on my cheeks and jaw line.

I find that where I wear a face mask my skin is drying out more. It might be off the rubbing of fabric. It was also causing me to break out a bit along my jaw line so I’ve been in search of moisturising products.

This sounded like it might give my skin that extra TLC

It has a really sticky texture. I applied it all over my face. Especially under my eyes where my skin gets dry.

I’ve been using it twice a week. My skin is not as dry as it was but I’m not really getting the thirst quench I was expecting.

I’ve used better face masks. I Love the Hyaluronic acid sheet mask from Give Me cosmetics for example.

However it only cost me £3 so for the price I really can’t complain. It does work, I just feel like there’s better products out there.

A Primer like No Other

As a primer I have been loving the Il Makiage, No filter Poreless Base . This product was expensive.

It was around £46 BUT it has lasted me around about six months which is pretty amazing.

It feels like beeswax and it glides onto the skin. It just sort of melts on your fingers. It smells like roses.

I’ve been using primers for years as I have some ice pick scars on my cheek. This is absolutely my favourite primer I have tried.

I also bought the foundation and concealer. I was not impressed with those products at all.

They sent me the ‘I woke up like this’ shade and it doesn’t match my skin at all. It’s orange on my face and the makeup formula itself is very drying and just looks cakey on my skin.

Very disappointing for the price and that they pride themselves on finding your prefect skin match. Well you did not Il Makiage.

However, I must admit the primer is one of the best products I’ve ever used so I will be purchasing that again.

Pink Clay Cleanser

Something else I’ve absolutely been loving is this cleanser from Aldi. I bought four of them in a box for £6.99

There’s a vitamin c one, a moisturising one and a refreshing one. But I have been loving this pink clay one. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t believe the price. You also get a muslin cloth which gently exfoliate the skin.

They all have different ingredients in, some have oils in which is unusual for cleansers. I would really recommend these products. Even if you’re not on a budget.

I’m super impressed Aldi 👏 👏 you’ve converted someone who spends a fortune on skin care to these products. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Have a nice day everyone. I’m looking forward to creating more content for you this week.

Let me know if you like my ‘Things that I like’ posts in the comments below and I’ll do more of them.


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