I woke up feeling a bit blue this morning, the pandemic has been tough! So to cheer us up I decided that we should go on a little adventure to the Rising Sun Country Park.

The sun was shining for once, and the sky was bright blue, even if it was a little bit cold. The rising sun was chilly and the ground was muddy but it was still filled with colours and adventures galore.

My daughter loved splashing in the puddles in her Peppa Pig wellies. She’s wearing her little fluffy coat that she absolutely adores. She loves clothes, maybe more than I do! And that is saying something.

We even saw a reindeer. Zowie was very excited to see one. It’s her first ever reindeer. I told her it must be helping Santa Claus this Christmas.

We stopped to see a horse, she gave him a little stroke. I think she likes them. I would love to get her into riding them when she’s older.

I don’t know much about riding horses but I’d love to learn. I’ll have to look into riding classes when she gets a little older.

When we got home there was a lovely surprise hamper waiting for me! I thought it was just so sweet. There’s a bottle of Prosecco, lots of yummy biscuits, snacks and coffee. There were also some Tea bags from Tea Pigs which I just can’t wait to try. There’s something so humbling about a cup of tea after a long stroll in the cold.

There were even some Dutch Stroop waffles. (Caramel Wafer Cookies). They are one of my favourite comfort foods and they remind me of Holland. I’m so happy they were in there.

It’s funny that you can wake up feeling so low, and then have your day turned around. Sometimes the kindness from strangers is all you need.

I will have to return the favour tomorrow and find someone’s day to brighten as a thank you and a nod to the universe.


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