Who saw it coming?

Did you read my title with the ‘5 Gold Rings‘ song in your head? It sounds much better that way…

Wow, well what a crazy day it’s been. It’s 4 hours since Boris announced the new restrictions in the UK. London has moved into tier 4. I’m unsure why the North East hasn’t been put there also…

All these tier systems are so confusing, aren’t they? I can’t understand why we don’t have a national lockdown again, I can’t help but feel that they’re playing with and risking peoples lives.

I’ve been doing a lot of diary posts this December, do you like them? Let me know in the comments below…

I will get back to blogging in January it’s just been a phenomenally crazy time in the UK and I feel like I need to document it. I’m interested to come back to it next year (all being well) and seeing what I make of it all…

I feel so sorry for all those families that have planned Christmas together and now won’t get to see each other, or will, but at a huge risk.

There are currently videos on social media of people queuing at London train stations, desperate to get out so they can see their family this Christmas, 4 hours after the Prime Minister has urged people to stay put and unpack that suitcase. Clearly, we take him seriously…

I mean quite frankly I am embarrassed to be in the UK right now. As if we haven’t made a big enough mess of Brexit, now we’ve messed up a second wave of the pandemic which is worse than the first one…. except now it’s not national pride we’re messing with, it’s peoples lives (and livelihood’s).

As for the new wave of the virus, I’m not sure what to make of it all. I know working in a care home during the first wave was truly awful and terrifying. It spread through the residents and staff like wildfire. A lot of people died. It was heartbreaking.

Now it’s 70% better at transmission. Scary stuff. Still, I’d imagine it’s a huge blow to those looking forward to Christmas with the family in the South of England. If it was me personally, I’d stay put but hey… is it really worth the risk?

I mean the thing that gets me is that it’s a virus right? So naturally, they mutate and change. They were clearly expecting the virus to change except they did nothing to warn us about it did they? Did they really think they could get the vaccine out there quick enough?

We should have been warned to expect changes in the virus. Instead, we were delivered a small hope of a vaccine, that they don’t have enough of for everyone in the UK and a Christmas lift in restrictions which obviously got cancelled.

I do apologise if you voted conservative but our current government is completely incompetent…

Our Christmas Plans

We have this cute little Christmas decoration of a seagull with a Santa hat on. It arrived the other day. We live by the sea so there are always flocks of seagulls flying around. I thought this was a cute addition to the Christmas decorations, never have I been so interested in buying decorations, ha!

We love our friends and family but we’re staying put this year and spending time with each other. My partner and my two children. I’ll admit we’re all getting a little bit sick of each other (I’m joking).

We downsized last year for a garden and some outdoor space instead so it’s a little more cramped than we’re used to. But it’s still the best, decision, ever.

We built a little stone fire pit in the summer, it’s been extremely therapeutic this year. If you’d like to know how you can read all about it here;

We also bought my whirlwind of a daughter a cute little treehouse with a slide. It really has been one of the best things I have bought.

Now that we’re unable to go to park’s and socialise at least she can burn off some of that energy in the garden. If you’d like to see some recommended treehouses for the little ones you can here…

Anyway, this morning I finally got around to opening my tea from Teapigs, I had a Stroop waffle with it. It was Lekker (I’m half Dutch).

I’d recommend them if you like a good cuppa. I like to leave the Stroop waffle on the cup while it’s brewing so the caramel melts. The Dutch way…

Creativity is taking my mind off things…

I had loads of fun taking photograph’s the other day for my Tarot inspired photoshoot. Sometimes I love to throw myself into creative projects.

I liked the photograph that I took the most. It was based on the star card. I could really use a divine guiding light from the universe right now…

Creative projects take my mind off the real world. I’m so happy to have started this blog when I did. I’m just going to relax and let it blossom…

I love to get lost in mythology or mysticism.

When I was young I always had my head buried in books. My mother used to tell me I’d get lost one day because I spent so much time reading I would look up and wouldn’t know where I was. She was probably right.

I’ve just started a new book called Roadside Picnic by Arkady Strugatsky and Boris Strugatsky. I thought it sounded a bit apocalyptic. Fitting for the time don’t you think?

My son has started reading 1984 by George Orwell. He loves to read just like his Momma.

Final Thought

Christmas in our home is usually filled with festivity, cosy pub crawl’s, friend’s and family. It’s so odd, but I guess everyone is in the same situation at the moment.

If anyone out there is on their own or living alone, I hope you stay strong this holiday. I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas.

I like to light candles on Christmas Eve. I will be lighting one for my friend Emilie who has passed away recently and my friend Louise who I lost a few years ago. I will light one for you also. You’re not alone.


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