Tips to Boost Your Mood During Lockdown

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Last night the UK went into a national lock down. This new variant of Covid has really sped up the transmission of it and now we’re in a 40% worse off position with it, than we were in April

This means that people are back to living indoors, those who are shielding are back to being housebound and dependant on others, parents are struggling between working from home and home schooling their children…

That with the really quite scary news above, it’s no wonder people are really beginning to feel the stress and strains of life. I thought I’d do an uplifting post this morning on how to boost your mood when you’re feeling low during the lock down and the coming months that are ahead of us…

10 Tips to Boost Your Mood During Lock Down

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Tip 1 – Turn off the TV

Yep, the TV is good for binge watching something on Netflix. Not so good for morale. Half an hour of the news at the moment is the equivalent of travelling on a bus home after a three day festival, heavy bags and a hang over from hell…

My advice? Watch important stuff like announcements but keep your intake of the news to a minimum. Watching constant images of people in hospital and over worked doctors isn’t going to make you feel better so turn it off.

Instead practice something mindful such as visulisation. What is visulisation you ask? It’s the practice of imaging something positive, such as the lock down ending, the vaccine being distributed world wide and us all being able to see family again…

I have a post on visuliasation you can read here:

Tip 2 – Get Creative

Find your calling. 2020 was all about drinking and jogging. You were one or the other, but if you were a drinker like me you soon began to realise that drinking everyday just kind of makes you depressed after a while, it gets boring.

This year instead of repeating past mistakes, get creative. Stock up on art supplies, they’re pretty inexpensive. Flash for cash? Buy a camera and get into photography. I have a post on photography tips here:

You could even start making some funky face masks and sell them on Etsy. You could make some extra cash. #Sidehustle

Put yourself into creativity and master a new craft. Learning takes your mind off things and creativity helps you to express those emotions instead of blocking them out with alcohol.

Tip 3 – De Clutter your home

Take up Feng Shui and unclutter your home. Seriously, getting organised is going to make you feel better. Invest in some new furniture and throw away all that paperwork you don’t need anymore. Turn you home into something minimalist, clear up space and let your imagination go to town…

Why? Instead of imaging the worst about the pandemic, you are putting your mind into something positive.

You could even make some extra cash by selling your clothes on Vinted. Auction stuff off on Ebay, put the money towards a holiday fund for that amazing holiday your going to have when the pandemic has finished. Go all out and buy a travel journal and plan your favourite trip.

Focus on the positives…

Tip 4 – Take up Yoga

If you’re sat at home, working at your desk, without a comfortable computer chair and bad posture, take away some of that stress. Shut the blinds put some Youtube yoga tutorials on and roll out that mat.

Seriously it’s amazing how much stress and tension we carry in our shoulders, streching that out could do wonders.

Did you know that one session of yoga leaves us feeling as happy as that one glass of red wine?

If you’re like me and you share your house with two young children, try setting your alarm for early in the morning. I set my alarm for 5.50 am when I want to do some yoga. It gives me a whole hour to focus on me.

It also means that I’m set for the day and in a happier mood when the kids wake up.

Tip 5 – Get a Pet

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Okay, this one might not be for everyone. Some people hate the smell of wet dog and the idea of fur on their clothes, I get that, but for those of you who are now working from home and having no communication with others, it might be the most ideal time to get that animal you’ve always wanted.

Heck, get a fish tank…

The point is sometimes we feel lonely even when we’re not alone. We might be by ourselves but there’s always someone out there who cares, whether it’s adopting a pet or giving someone in our family a call. Find that connection and fight through those lonely feelings.

I have a post about cats:

Why Cats are good for your soul


Tip 6 – For the Couples – Get romantic

If you’re anything like us, since lock down began in April 2020, we’ve been stuck with the kids. This means even when the restaurants opened for a brief while those romantic nights out became a distant memory. As were the late night cocktails, romantic hotel breaks…

As difficult as it is, we’ve started to claw back some of our romantic time together. Whether it’s lighting a candle when the kids have gone to bed,and snuggling on the sofa….

Cooking our favourite meals for each other or having a fire in the back garden and drinking a homemade cocktail (despite trying a few recipes on Pinterest homemade cocktails are not the same).

It might not be perfect, but I refuse to let the romance go just because there is a pandemic. Ultimately we show each other that we still care for each other and that’s a positive thing.

Tip 6 – For the Singles – Get Digital

I’ve been out of the dating game for a while now, but I’ve spoken to a few of my single friends about their thoughts on the matter. It all sounds pretty bleak apart from a little app named tinder

I guess the days of dating have gone virtual for the time being… let’s hope that it’s not forever. But what if you’re not into online dating, what then?

You could get in touch with old friends, arrange a social distance walk around the park, dog walking…. In reality if you’re not online dating at the moment, you’re out of the game.

Why not give it a go? What have you got to loose? At the very least it might take your mind of things… #Swiperight

Tip 7 – Get Victorian and go for a walk

Yep, walking is the latest trend. Why not take a camera and take some photographs, or a flask filled with hot soup. You can eat it while you watch the world go by. You might even be lucky enough to strike up a conversation with someone as you shout at each other into the wind from a safe distance. #Winning

Who knew a pandemic would send us back to Victorian times? At least the masks have improved somewhat since then and we have the internet…

In all seriousness though were sociable creatures, we’re not supposed to be locked away on our own. Sometimes a bout of depression can be seriously improved by some exercise. If you’re feeling really low go for a walk.

Mental health is important, we should look after it.

Tip 8 – Put down the wine and read a book

Sick of binge watching TV series on Netflix? Re- decorated your home last time? A travel Journal isn’t your thing? Never under estimate the power of a good book…

Cosy socks and hot coca at the ready, time to switch off and take your mind somewhere else. Put the do not disturb sign on the door…

Tip 9 – Have a House party

Yep, you read that right. Download the app House Party and add all of your friends. It’s not exactly the pub but you still get to have a conversation in real time and have a drink…

Off course, there’s Facebook chat, What’s app and Zoom…. the point is grab a can and get chatting.

I have a friend that missed the pub so much he turned his shed at the bottom of his garden into a little pub. It has kegs, a dart board and he even has a till…

Tip 10 – Start a Blog

Starting this blog was the best decision ever, seriously. It has given me the focus to create. I write everyday, which I’ll admit was something I got out the habit of when I was working in kitchens.

My typing speed has dramatically increased.

I’ve also learnt about SEO, Web Coding, Social Media Management…

I’ve learnt an entirely new set of skills.

My photography has improved ten fold and I wake up feeling genuinely content.

When I lost my job as a Chef I felt completely lost…

I didn’t know what direction to go in, what I was going to do in the future… Now I’m the CEO of my own blog… awesome!

What activities do you plan to do during lock down?



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