New lingerie, Jewellery and A Vegan Pizza …

Good Morning

I’m having one of those days today where nothing goes to plan but everything seems to work out if that makes any sense? I had a photo shoot planned with my daughter but she stayed up until midnight last night. Parenting can be so tiring…

Instead I did some editing on some photograph’s. I woke up early to get some blogging done, so did my little one, I walked into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, so did my little one. She is like my little shadow at the moment.

Anyway, to my absolute delight, after I half spilled my coffee on myself as my daughter jumped up and down on the sofa, I opened my emails to find I have been ask to write a review on a lingerie brand and signed my first blogging contract.

The company I’m going to be writing a review for is called Tutti Rouge

They’re a lingerie company for ladies with a fuller bust. Perfect! I flipping love lingerie but it’s been ages since I bought any. My poor hubby…

Parenting just takes over your life doesn’t it?

At least I have an excuse to wear some pretty lingerie now…

*Update you can read that post here.

Lunch Time

I’ve been trying to vegan this Veganuary and now I am home schooling my teenage son, due to the lock down restrictions in the UK, well let’s just say it’s hard work…

I’m somehow juggling blogging, Instagram, twitter, looking after a hyperactive toddler, home schooling my son for GCSE’s, photography and doing the cooking and cleaning…

I wanted a treat this lunch time so I went for a vegan pizza from Domino’s. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I got the CHICK AIN’T PIZZA, do you know something? It really wasn’t bad. I was eyeing up the Vegan Ben and Jerry’s too but I thought I better not and watch those calories (sort of….)

Have you tried the vegan range from Domino’s? What did you think, let me know in the comments below.

It’s Here!

Anyway, after my delicious, slightly less guilty pizza eating a little parcel arrived at my door. And guess what? It was my gorgeous Jewellery from Freya Treasures

Pictured above is:





My first impression? I haven’t opened them yet but these pieces are just gorgeous, you can tell they’re quality pieces.

They’re gold plated and 100% hypoallergenic…

I think they’re beautiful, I’m going to plan some photography content for them.

If you’d like to see more of my jewellery photography, you can here:

My day might not have gone as I planned it and I might be exhausted from parenting but it all worked out okay in the end. It’s actually been a pretty good day.

Would I swap blogging for a 9 to 5? Nope.

How’s your day been so far?


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