I just love Lana Del Rey. She is one of the few Modern artists that I like, which is ironic I guess because she’s inspired by the 60’s and makes 60’s style music.

No wonder I’m such a big fan. I watched her new video for the song ‘Chemtrail’s over the Country Club‘ last night and I was totally inspired to do a make up look.

I loved how simple the eyes were and seeing as she’s driving a ruby red car in the video, I went for ruby red lips.

I think the video is kind of inspired by the Wizard of Oz, I also got a bit of Alice in wonderland, through the looking glass and Thriller? But maybe that last ones just me…

The lyrics are just divine:

I’m on the run…
With you my sweet love

There’s nothing wrong,
Contemplating God…

Under the Chemtrails
Over the Country Club…

Lana Del Rey, Chemtrails Over The Country Club …

60’s style Makeup

I went for thick eyebrows which I drew in with a brown eye pencil.

I used my Revolution super balm as a primer. I have a post on the Revolution Super Dewy range here.

Next I used revolution super dewy tinted moisturiser in light, followed by True Match by L’Oreal in 3. Golden beige. I love that it has Hylauronic acid in it. Amazing.

Then I used NO 7 cream blush in peach which I applied along the contour line and added a pink blush above it (just a little bit). I used my Il-Makiage concealer under my eyes in the shade ‘I woke up like this’.

I went for a matt bright red lip. I applied revolution Super balm underneath, it’s perfect if matt lipsticks dry out your lips like they do to me.

I applied Mascara to my top and lower lashes in thin layers, four times letting each coat dry before applying another.

I simply applied a white eye shadow in the corner of my eyes and on my eyelids. It was really super simple but it looks really dramatic. A bit like a movie star…

Skin Care and Hair

My hair I just simply blow dried with moose to boost the volume, then I twisted the front section in my fingers a few times and pinned it to the back of my hair on each side, then I curled the remaining hair with a curling iron. So simple.

My Skincare hasn’t changed much since my last post except I use a Hylauronic Acid serum from Superdrug, underneath my CBD oil now.

My skin has been really dry this winter. I don’t think the stress of the pandemic, or the broken sleep over it has been doing my skin any favours so I thought I’d add this little extra step. It helps my skin absorb moisture and makes it look plumper.

If you’d like to read about my skincare routine I have a post on that here.


So my look was inspired by her new video, but I also really like ‘Ultraviolence’ So I kind of used that as inspiration too. Ultraviolence was about Jim Morrison’s wife, and what her life was like loving him… ‘Loving him was never enough.’

I LOVE the doors, I went to LA when I was younger (it was amazing) and visited the place where he used to live.

I am absolutely a super fan of Jim Morrison but I must admit when I read his biography ‘No One Here Get’s Out Alive.’ I did kind of think the way he treat women sounded a little off.

I know he was a complex soul but I thought Lana exploring the concept of what it was like being his wife was a brave one…

Anyway, here’s my Lana Del Rey inspired look and some photography. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @sophieannmckeever


I’m wearing my gorgeous Jewellery from Freya Treasures, I have a post on it here.

Lana always has roses in her videos so I thought the FLEURY Necklace would be perfect for these photographs.

I also wore my DIYA ring. I kind of got a biblical message from her video, where she bites into the lemon and everything starts going wrong?

My DIYA ring is a snake so I thought it was fitting for these photographs.

**Also if you’d like an amazing 25% off at Freya Treasures I have a discount code for you…


Did you try my look? Let me know in the comments below…


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