Seeing as I’ve got some new lingerie on the way to review from the lovely Tutti Rouge, I thought I’d try out some new make-up looks.

Today I am just feeling 60’s. I woke up with break on through to the other side stuck in my head.

I found an island in your arms

Country in your eyes

Arms that chain us

Eyes that lie

Break on through to the other side

Break on through to the other side

Break on through,…

The Doors, Break on through to the other side.

The Make-up Look

So this is the look I went for today. I went for glowing contoured skin with a 60’s eye.

I think this will look just wonderful with my new lingerie, my blog post on that is going to be published tomorrow, so make sure you check that out, (It’s flipping gorgeous).

For the Face

To create my look. I used the L’Oreal True Match Foundation, with a cream blush and contour. I used my Il Makiage concealer on my brow, around my lips, down my nose and under my eyes.

For the eyes

I used a peach shiny eye shadow and applied a brown one along the crease. Also, I highlighted the tip of my nose, top lip and top of my cheeks…

I applied mascara on the top and lower lash then used liquid eyeliner to draw a cat line outwards then up over the arch of my eye.

TIP: I’m not the neatest at eyeliner so after I finished I went back in with my Il makiage concealer (It’s amazing) I swiped it along the underneath of the eyeliner with the brush included, then dabbed it in with my finger along the bit under my eyeliner arch (above the crease).

I was going to go over it with eye shadow again but I ended up just leaving it because I liked the way it looked. You could make it look a lot neater if you went back in with eye shadow,

I’m not the best make-up artist, I like to keep things simple.

For my lips

I used a dark pink lip gloss after using a red lip liner, then I went over it with a matt lip gloss in pale pink.


Well you know me by now, I love being dramatic, especially when it comes to photography. I wanted to make the photographs look a bit vintage so I wore my FLEURY necklace from Freya Treasures.

I also wore this cute little denim zip-up mini dress. I’ve had it for ages, so I can’t tell you where I got it from but it’s just one of those vintage pieces I keep in my wardrobe. It suits me on days like this…


My hair was already curled yesterday so It was curly when I woke up. I just ran a brush through it a few times, then I sectioned it and curled it again. I love how much volume I can get with bleached hair.

I’ve been using my hair products from the beauty box I got at Christmas from Marks and Spenser’s. In particular, I’ve been loving the Living Proof, Perfect Hair Day, 5 in 1 Styling treatment.

I apply it to damp hair before I blow dry it. It’s made my hair much more manageable. I would recommend it if you have dry hair like me. My hair feels soft again and the curls have stayed put all day…


Finally, I have been really going for it on Instagram recently. It used to take me ages to decide what to post, I think I’ve found my confidence with the platform.

I’ve been experimenting with reels on Instagram, and since I have my followers have been growing again.

If you like my look, follow me on Instagram for more Thought I’d change things up today and release my blog post first…


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