Rainbow Eyes on the Prize…

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Finding Motivation

Today I’m wearing rainbow eyes, I woke up this morning so tired and really lacking in motivation to do anything at all…

I made myself a bowl of Granola with a side of fruit (watermelon and blueberries), and a cup of coffee.

That first cup of coffee in the morning just changes everything, doesn’t it?

I’ve tried skipping it but I just can’t. Ha! I’m like a Zombie without it.

Anyway, I thought to myself it’s on days like these I need to push myself.

It’s great being my own boss, but it also means I have a huge amount of pressure to push myself. I’m responsible for everything I do and I must motivate myself to do it.

I’ve been making myself inspirational quotes recently with my photography. I made this the other day and I just love it.

It was inspired by the fearless for 2021 female entrepreneur society and that talk I listened to about healing your younger self. I have a post on that here if you’d like to read it and a little poem I wrote on transformation…

This is me, realising I have what it takes. Using my photography to share messages of inspiration for people, man, I LOVE my job.

Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t heard of them, they’re an online training course on, you guessed it, Social media. So far it’s amazing, but a little overwhelming also…

So after completing three hours of training with the Shaw Academy after my essential coffee (I’m training in social media marketing) It turns out there is so much I didn’t know.

I’m learning so much information about marketing. Each lesson is an hour but they pack so much information into each one.

They’re making the world of advertising on social media so much clearer and my Pinterest stats are climbing again. Yay! I would absolutely recommend them if you’re looking for any training to help your blog or business.

You get four weeks free, then it’s £49.99 a month. The course material is optional so you don’t have to buy it if you’re on a budget like me. You just keep paying until you complete each module.

There’s four all together and then you walk away with a diploma in Social Media Marketing, (the course is online) easy peasy. Just like that.

So far the customer service has been amazing and it’s helping me understand my online business so much more.

I’m grateful that the universe showed this to me. It’s helping me gain my confidence in online marketing and business.

Rainbow Eyes

So after I completed my course, I felt so much better. I felt positive and energised.

I’m so glad that I pushed myself this morning. I could have stayed in bed and felt rubbish, but now I don’t.

My happiness overwhelmed me so I thought I’d do some rainbow eyes as a cute little post on Instagram

Motivation is the key. ❤️


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