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Roker Beach in Sunderland

We went to Seaburn yesterday for a little walk along the beach. I’ve lived in the North East for over 20 years and it still surprises me that I haven’t seen so many places along the coast.

One positive about the lock down is that it’s stopped me from travelling and forced me to explore the area where I live and really stop and appreciate it.

The lighting was perfect and I loved the way the clouds were reflected in the sand. Of course my little girl was over the moon to be running around.

She is somewhat struggling with being cooped up in the house all day. Anyone else stuck indoors with a toddler at the moment? You’ll know what I’m talking about

The tantrums have kind of stopped and she seems to have come to terms with not being able to see family however I’m not convinced she really understands there is a pandemic.

I’ve stopped taking her to nursery for the time being so I have set myself a new schedule of blog posts on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. <3


So unfortunately just to add to the gloom of January my camera has decided to stop working. I must take it to a shop to get it fixed but it seems that will just have to wait until May and it is safe to have contact with people again.

I took these photographs on my I phone. I think the quality of I phone photographs in the right lighting is amazing….

I thought I’d do a little photo blog today. Sometimes photographs say more than words. Also with everyone being stuck in the house at the moment I wanted to share some images of the outdoors.

Finally. a photo of both my children. I am such a lucky momma, they are the source of my inspiration, light and motivation (my son is wearing shorts because he’s a Geordie). I don’t think Geordie’s feel the cold like I do. Ha!

If you’re feeling blue during lock down I have a little post on how to boost your mood when you’re feeling low. You can read that here.

It seems at the moment everyday is almost a new milestone or major event. I think we can all safely say that when this is all over and done with we’ll be looking forward to some calmness.

Whatever you are doing today, stay safe, stay positive, stay strong. Sending out some love <3

Back on Tuesday,


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