Design is a key factor in ensuring your blog succeeds

My Pinterest Stats dropped dramatically in December, and my blogging stats? Yeah, they were kind of the same, Ouch!

It turns out I’m not the only one this happened to and with such a big drop, which ultimately affected my blog stats, I knew I had to go back to the drawing board and take up a new social media strategy, pronto! 

Was I going to let that algorithm win? No, I was not.

To cut a long story short I realised I was going wrong in a few areas

The first was the actual design of my pins, then my social media banners were inconsistent and the wrong sizes… 

From my blog post covers to my entire social media strategy, I knew it had to change and fast

So that’s when I stumbled across Design Bundles and boy am I glad that I did, offering affordable prices and a bulk of designs, well, that sounded perfect… 

They literally have everything, from the text you can apply to inspirational quotes on posts, to the actual images you can use to create those stunning pins that are going to make your stats rocket. 

Sounds awesome right?

Exactly, so I thought I’d walk you through some of my favourite designs and show you what I mean and how they have helped my stats climb. 

1. Pinterest Pins

Ever wonder how people get such perfect looking pins? 

Well, it’s because they have a design pack, that’s how.

Priced at a reasonable £9.95 for these 8 coffee coloured templates, the world is your oyster. Imagine the link clicks these will generate for you.  

Your pins aren’t getting clicks or catching people’s attention?

I feel you, what you need is an upgrade. Not only will it save you time to focus on your blog content but it will get you the traffic you’ve been missing.

This pack pictured above gives you 30 templates, priced at only £10.99 in a pretty pink colour. Create show-stopping pins and get people reading your content.

Who are Design Bundles?

Established in 2016 Design Bundles have grown a customer base of over one million customers. All those people can’t be wrong, am I right?

They offer over 150,00 designs at an amazing 96 % off the retail price saving you big money on curated designs. 

But they don’t just offer social media templates in case you were wondering, they have everything from wedding templates to designing an Easter calendar. They even have baptism designs for your little one. Check out these designs … cross SVG

Have you been bored during lock down? Thinking about designing your own christmas cards? Look at this gorgeous snowflake template … snowflake svg

With Design Bundles you can truly become your own graphic designer with an easy design process. Chase those pandemic blues away, take your mind off things and get creating.

2. Social Media Banners

I mentioned earlier that I had a huge inconsistency with my social media banners. 

When I started blogging, I designed my logo and I created a banner, and I just kind of thought one size fits all.

The result? I looked unprofessional.

All social media sites have different banner dimensions and when I started using consistent images across all sites I noticed a huge increase in my stats again. Hooray! 

I got the social media banners pack, priced at £25.64 

It includes a HD video tutorial and a social media cheat sheet.

They have individual designs so if you’re looking to spend less you can absolutely pick your favourite and purchase that for around £2.15

I just liked the variety of options in this one and the ‘how-to video tutorial’ which was super helpful.

3. Upgrade your Social Media Strategy

Finally, I wanted to share this planner design. When I started blogging I had no idea that Social Media would become such a driving force in both promoting my blog posts and gaining followers.

It all got a little overwhelming. 

Anyway, I saw this idea on Design Bundles and I just thought it was awesome.

Priced at only £5.86 for an instant download, you can’t really go wrong. It’s going to make those quarterly social media reports a hell of a lot easier and it’s going to help you set those blogging goals and smash them. 

These are three things that have seriously helped my blog stats to climb and I would highly recommend investing in at least a content schedule for social media if you really want to make your blog work. 

Blogging is a real and achievable business model, it just takes some hard work, patience and awesome designs

Check out Design Bundles here.


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