Rose of Thorns

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I thought I’d share a little photography blog today because I haven’t done one of those in a while. It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 31 (my post is a day late due to a lot of cocktails that I drank, my deepest apologies) and I took these photographs with the thought of my new approaching age.

You see I am a feminist, although I wouldn’t consider myself the kind that protests and wears short sleeved angry t-shirts with something like f*** men written on it. I love men, in fact the majority of my friends are male.

I worked as a Chef for many years in a male dominated role, and the vast majority of them were sound and still people I’m friends with now. They respected me, looked out for me and embraced that I was female. Men are actually sensitive..

Quite often in life the sexism I have faced actually came from women. I feel like as a woman, we are conditioned into thinking we should be this, or that, or society will look down on us or make us outcasts for not following the blue print.

For this reason when you don’t fit into the pattern, women don’t like you. You represent something different in a world where we are conditioned to all be the same.

I’m not married, I haven’t even been engaged, nor would I want to. The idea of marriage in my twenties terrified the life out of me. It still does, but something I found when I turned 30 was that there was like this ticking time clock that started. I started feeling like there was something wrong with me because I wasn’t like everyone else.

Why is turning 30 such a big deal for women? You can read my post here.

Anyway within these photograph’s I wanted to explore my age and conditioning. Roses symbolise many things, among them love, connection and the idea of being ready to commit. Except the commitment I am accepting is to myself. I am ready to love myself.

The crown of thorns is of course symbolic of the Catholic faith, which if you’ve read about my background you might know was a big part of my childhood. I had very religious, Irish Catholic grandparents and attended a school where I was taught by nuns. You can read about that here.

The symbology is not intended to be offensive, but what I wanted to get across was the idea of how feminism has almost become a form of mockery. Men tend to label feminists as men haters that can’t keep a relationships or of course the A typical lesbo slant. But by doing this they expose their deep mistrust in women.

The thorns are protective. I am protecting my view points, the way I think and feel, my feminine energy but to be protective is also a masculine kind of energy.

I think sometimes that women become so concerned with protecting ourselves we forget about the beautiful fragility of vulnerability like the flower petals on the rose.

I want to open up like a rose and show my soft side. These are my photographs I hope you enjoy.


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  1. Love the photos and all the meaning behind them. Such an interesting read! Thanks so much for sharing and happy belated birthday!x

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