Is there anything worse than an ear infection? I’ve been lucky and have only had a few…

The worst was one I got was in Ibiza after swimming in the sea, ouch! I couldn’t hear properly at work for weeks.

Ears aren’t exactly on the top of my priority list but they are so important, other than the obvious, that they help me to both enjoy music and make music for my lovely sound cloud followers, there’s a lot of things ears are used for.

Did you know?

The ears contain the smallest bones in our bodies called the Malleus, Incus and Stapes.

Our ears effect our balance. If our ears are blocked it can cause us to become dizzy and finding balance can be difficult.

Ear infections can be accompanied by fever and they are painful, especially if they are left untreated.

The roar that you hear when a seashell is placed next to the ear, is not the ocean, but rather the sound of blood surging through the veins in your ear.

Wearing headphones dramatically increases the bacteria in your ears which is likely to lead to infections.

Excessive use of headphones and listening to loud music can lead to hearing loss. Listen to the warning on your phone and turn the music down when it tells you too.

Your ears never stop hearing, even when you sleep; your brain simply ignores any incoming sounds to ensure you get your rest.

Ear wax plays an important part in protecting our ears, it’s not the most pleasant topic, it’s probably not at the top of anyone’s to do list but ear wax, or a blockage of ear wax can have a whole host of side effects, from Tinnitus, to dizziness and pain. It’s important to have regular ear cleaning.

Your outer ear never stops growing throughout your lifetime. How amazing is that?

Regular swimming increases the chances of infections.

Ear Infections

NHS waiting lists at the moment, and of course with the pandemic raging on in the UK, waiting times to see a doctor can be excessive. It may be considered a minor problem, but the dizziness, pain and hearing loss can have a big impact on our lives.

Auris Ear Care in London, specialise in ear infections.

So why go private?

Well, first of all it reduces waiting time significantly and you also get a consultation with a specialist. The clinic is run by ear nose and throat doctors and specialist nurses who offer a variety of treatments to suit individual needs.

Auris Ear Care offers an affordable and competitive price list and in most cases, offers a same day treatment, perfect to fit into your busy working life.

Based in London, Auris Ear Care offers an excellent ear cleaning service for children and adults.

A quick and painless procedure is used to examine your ears and then a treatment will be offered if needed.

If you think you may need ear infection treatment, call Auris Ear Care on 07539 248 324, or make an appointment on their site.

Thanks for reading.

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